About WellRehearsed

WellRehearsed has now been withdrawn from the stores and data collection suspended, but information about the app and its purpose is still below for reference.

Our data is currently being analysed and a final report will be published in due course.

WellRehearsed allows us to compile weekly statistics on safe group music-making.

Its aim is to show how safe group music making is when suitable mitigations are followed by comparing the number of reported group music events with the number of reports of infections attributed to group music making.

If an infection is reported following a rehearsal, it helps identify possible causes, allow us to update our guidance, and thus other music groups to adapt their practice.

The app is designed for reporting on rehearsal situations only, not performances.

Who should use it?

One person from a group, preferably the person responsible for the group’s Covid-19 security, should use the app.

How does it work?

Answer two simple questions about six days after your last rehearsal, or just before your next rehearsal is scheduled, ideally a day before. It takes less than a minute to send a report. Once you have reported, the app will tell you when you last reported.

If an infection associated with the rehearsal is reported, you will be asked some further questions about the circumstances and the mitigations employed for that rehearsal. You can input multiple groups of different kinds.

Is it anonymous?


We will only request generic information about the type of group and the region in which it operates. The information will be used solely by abcd and Making Music to compile statistics on group music making during the Covid-19 pandemic. No personal data is stored.